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I have been around photography since I was a child, the product of parents who were both avid photographers and artists. Due to this, I have found my own love for voice through imaging. I am always working to push my boundaries, both in my personal life and professional world.

I specialize in tradeshow and architecture photography as a main focus, although there is equal gratification in a sunset so saturated you can drink it and the quiet calm at 3am when my camera and my subject are the only two things that exist in the world.

Tenet signifies my goal in the photographic world, to follow the doctrine and lessons taught through experience of our predecessors, ingenuity, and hard work. This paired with a perfectionist nature to produce, and the love of an emotion-evoking image will transcend my gear, labor and eye to show... I love what I do, and look forward to making your visual ideas shine.

Trevalyan Stugard
Founder - Tenet Photography.


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